Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

Here's my pitch:

  • I am a bilingual, adaptable, tech-savvy, detail-oriented, fast learner with excellent editing, organizational, and problem-solving skills.
  • I like working independently and in small, collaborative teams that value creativity, humor, and open communication.
  • I make an effort to anticipate supervisors' needs and always have an eye on how workflows can be optimized; if something doesn't make sense, I'm not afraid to bring it up in a constructive way.
  • My long-term professional goal is working as a humanities editor at a university press. However, as much as I like working with computers all day, I wouldn't rule out reevaluating my options and becoming a food critic or professional kitten therapist.


I'm the assistant managing editor of Demographic Research, a peer-reviewed open-access journal of population sciences based in Rostock, Germany.
I’m also available for freelance editing, proofreading, and design assignments – check out my samples and drop me a line if you’re interested in working together!